Research with Rebecca Coleman
    by Tabitha Sabky


Research with Rebecca Coleman

July 20, 2017

Today our class made its way over to the Fine Arts Library to get a crash course in the processes of researching Birdwood. Rebecca Coleman, who had previously set up a research page on the library website, assisted our class with both broadening and focusing our study and analysis of Birdwood. This library page consisted of several useful links to databases, libraries and historical societies that would aid with our search. Having briefly introduced us to various research modes of inquiry, Rebecca helped us with the following areas; how to research a topic, what to look for within that search, how to aptly navigate sites and different search engines, and how to decipher details in the mass amount of information that is the on the web.

Our class then returned to the classroom to meet with Shayne Brandon from the Institute for Advanced Technology for help with our website for Birdwood. He took us through the steps of how to properly upload content to the website. This included, but was not limited to, uploading images, formatting pages, using code, and editing and organizing our content. After answering a surplus of questions, Shane left our class with the knowledge and confidence to create an exciting website for Birdwood.


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