The Class thanks the following people who graciously donated their time and expertise to the study of the Cultural Landscape of Birdwood.

The University of Virginia Foundation (who made Birdwood available for study): Jim Wilson (who introduced the class to Birdwood), Annette Tamblyn, Chris Schooley, Ian Browning

The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH): Worthy Martin, Shayne Brandon, Lauren Massari

UVA Scholar’s Lab: Will Rourk, Arin Bennett

Office of the Architect for the University: Brian Hogg, Mary Hughes

UVA Department of Facilities Management: Amy Ross Moses, Matthew Bartley

       Student interns: Mohamed Ihsan, Talton O'Neil, Gus Hollberg

Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library: Rebecca Coleman

Sweet Briar College: Dr. Lynn Rainville

School of Architecture, University of Virginia: Louis Nelson, Lisa Reilly, Sheila Crane, K. Edward Lay (Professor Emeritus), Baxter Craven (Master’s candidate, Department of Architectural History)

2016 Students: Kelsey Dootson, Jane Trask, Katie Watts

2017 Students: Amelia Hughes, Holly Martin, Tabitha Sabky, Nicolaus Smith, Kim Uglum

2018 Students: Seshi Konu, Jessie Meager, Charity Revutin


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