Discussion of Data and Software
    by Jane Trask


Friday, July 22nd: 

Today we learned about data, modeling, and software with Lauren Massari and Will Rourk. Will had processed the data from the scanning he did at Birdwood on Monday, and we began class by looking at screenshots of the point-cloud data that resulted from the scans. We discussed how to use point-cloud data and what we can do with it, and we discovered that it can be used to make very precise measurements. These measurements help with modeling and also act as a very exact version of the field measurements we have been doing at the site with tape measures. Will showed us how the data can be “clipped” to only show certain parts of the building and used this to measure the thickness of the wall to be 8.267 inches. Our hand measurement estimation of this thickness was 9 inches, so this showed us how much more precise the scanner is. Will and Lauren also discussed the variety of software that they have used for projects like this, and told us about the pros and cons of programs like 3D Max, Rhino, and Geomagic. They suggested that we consult lynda.com to learn how to use software that will be very important for our graduate work and careers, especially Photoshop and Illustrator.