Catch up and 3D modeling
    by Kelsey Dootson


Wednesday, July 20th: Catch up and 3D modeling with Lauren Massari



Today we had more of a catch up day rather than researching or field measuring. Having a rest day allowed for us to think about the questions we have posed and the answers we have found or not. We were able to organize our thoughts and plans for the next couple of weeks. We looked at what questions we should focus on, such as was the Gillette garden planned used, are there traces of possible previously existing structures, etc.


The second part of the class time was focused on introductions to 3D modeling. This allowed for us to learn about more technology that is very useful in preservation and documentation. Previously, as mentioned, we created plans and sketches based on the smokehouse and took the measurements. Using 3D models, it essentially creates a portable version of the structure. Used in conjunction with laser scanning, we have a reference point of the building, so we do not have to drive and visit the site to look for an answer. Thank you to Lauren Massari for introducing 3D modeling and the programs to us and teaching us how to use them!