Website Construction and Special Collections Library Visit
    by Kelsey Dootson


Friday, July 15th-Website Construction with Shayne Brandon and Special Collections Library Visit


Today, we had a more in-depth lesson on how to use the website. Shayne Brandon showed us how to add photos, make posts, galleries, etc--all the things to make a post more exciting. Knowing how to run a web page relating to research and methods is becoming a valuable skill for employers in history and preservation. Creating open sources on research allows for future historians to access information, resources, and questions that were asked and answered.

We also visited the Special Collections Library. We searched for William Garth’s account book in an attempt to search for an inventory, which was a dead end because it did not detail what he had, but rather what he sold and who owed him money. We also looked over landscape architecture plans from 1928 by Charles Gillette, who was a prominent landscape architect. Having these plans helps us create questions about the landscape that we can ask so we can utilize technology. We have been wondering if these plans were actually created or if they were only plans. We will use ground penetrating radar (GPR) to answer these questions.

Thank you to Shayne for helping us with this website!