More Field Work at Birdwood and Laser Scanning
    by Katie Watts


Monday, July 18th: More Field Work at Birdwood, visit with Amy Moses, and Laser Scanning with Will Rourk

Today we returned to Birdwood for more field work on the Smokehouse. We were joined by Amy Moses, Project Services Production Project Coordinator from UVA Facilities. She is an expert on local masonry and her team helped to stabilize many of the structures at Birdwood, including the Smokehouse. She also completed her Masters thesis on Birdwood, so she’s a great resource.  We were also joined by Will Rourk who explained the 3-D laser scanning process for us and set up targets all around the Smokehouse, including inside, around the Kitchen, and the west elevation of the main house. Then the Faro scanners began doing their work! Each scan takes about 10 minutes, and afterwards the scanner takes photos. We should have data from his scanning later this week. We are all very excited to see what it looks like! We also spent some time in the afternoon in studio, working on our scale drawing of the plan of the Smokehouse. Thank you to Amy and Will for your expertise and time!