Cadaver Society:

The University of Virginia had what was known as the "Cadaver Society", a group that was connected to the Medical School and that took yearly pictures with various cadavers in front of the Anatomical Theatre. Not much is known about the society, such as when it was formed or its exact function on campus, but many of their pictures still exist.  From these pictures, we have learned a number of facts. First, that there was a faculty member advising the group; that faculty member is usually in the pictures with them. Second, that there were typically six members to the organization. And third, that there was an African American who worked with them; he too is always in the pictures. Although there is a lack of other textual evidence on the group, medical societies were not uncommon in 19th century Virginia.

Follow the link below to see images of the society. Please note, the images may be disturbing to some viewers.

Cadaver Society Image Gallery